From the album Rodeo Cowboy's

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Rodeo Cowboy’s
Words & Music By: Donald Stephan Jones

The sun is a rising, on a hot Dallas day
Roosters are crowing, and the Bulls are eating hay
City folks are waking, while the cowboys are setting spurs
Their dreaming of the money, and being hero’s for the day

Their looking for a “Bodacious” fight
Someone is going to pay the price
For a freight train of hide
Cause, their Rodeo Cowboy’s, shooting for an 8 second high

Longhorns are getting restless, as cowboy’s jump on their backs
Greenhorns are a praying and holding their breath
Working behind grease paint, are the rodeo clowns
Hoping that a spun horn, won’t take them down

Suddenly there’s a crack in the air
Everybody is running clear
Flying without wings
It’s a Rodeo Cowboy, shooting for an 8 second high

They grew up on, Brahma bulls
Cowboy hats and tobacco roads
Tough as nails, they have no fear
You can bet they’ll, give it all
When the fans, stand and cheer

The ground begins to rumble, and the chute opens from the blast
Twisting and a kicking, the sky is falling fast
Cursing and a screaming, with one hand in the air
Begging for every second, he can hold back his fear

There he goes, airmail tonight
He’ll come down, hard on his pride
But don’t count him out
Cause, he’s a Rodeo Cowboy, shooting for and 8 second high.
Shooting for and 8 second high.
Shooting for and 8 second high,
Shooting for and 8 second high,

Yipeee Iaaaa
Yipeee Iaaaa
Copyright 2008